Individual Taxpayers:          $1,200 for AGI under $75,000

*(fully phased out at $99,000)

Married Taxpayers:             $2,400 for AGI under $150,000

*(fully phased out at $198,000)

Head of Household:              $1,200 for AGI under $112,500

*(fully phased out at $136,500)

Dependents (under 17):        $500 per dependent (no AGI limitations)

*Checks are phased out by $5 per $100 in income over AGI threshold

Checks have been approved and will be processed as quickly as possible.  The last stimulus payment took over two months to get to taxpayers.

The IRS will determine your eligibility based on your most recently filed tax return (2018 or 2019).  The IRS will mail letters out prior to releasing the funds letting you know how much you will receive and when to expect it.

The bank account shown on your tax return will be used for direct deposit.

If no bank account is shown, they will mail you a check.

Individuals who did not need to file as they only had Social Security income will still receive a stimulus check.

If you are claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return, you are not eligible to receive the stimulus check.