Is My RV or Boat Tax Deductible?

I just returned from a family road trip, during which we saw countless trailers, RV’s and boats which gave me the idea for this blog.  Can you deduct expenses for your trailer, RV or boat? If you own a

NYS Unclaimed Property

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit states’ budgets hard and New York may be looking to increase compliance with a lesser-known law concerning unclaimed or abandoned property to close that gap. Simply put, the law requires unclaimed property to be

How to Avoid an IRS Audit

Nothing instills more fear in the heart of every American than the words “You’re being audited!”  There are several simple things you can do to decrease the likelihood you will be chosen for audit. Double check math calculations.  Today

What to Know if You Inherit an IRA

Do you know the rules for beneficiaries of IRA’s inherited after December 31, 2019? Prior to The SECURE Act, non-spouse IRA beneficiaries were required to take annual required minimum distributions from an inherited IRA, based on their own life

Reduce Fraud Opportunity in Your Business

Do you think fraud can happen in your business?   It can if you do not have a comprehensive anti-fraud plan in place that is followed! You may tell yourself that you work with great people whom you trust.  As