Is My Dog Tax Deductible?

Pet expenses may be deductible in the situations detailed below.  Your own personal pet, while awesome, is not deductible unless one of the following situations apply. Service Animals that are medically necessary to assist an individual due to poor

Family Business – Hiring Your Kids

Hiring your children to work the family business can save you income and self-employment taxes.  Small businesses need every break they can get to compete with big business.  Here is an idea to consider – hire your child. Paying

Moving to A Lower Tax State?

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a warm State that also doesn’t tax your income?  Many people think so, and often we hear of retirees purchasing a second home in Florida to enjoy the winters out of the

Returning Stimulus Checks for Deceased Relatives

Have you received a Stimulus check or deposit for a deceased family member?  The Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin has said that payments received for a deceased taxpayer must be returned.  IRS instructions for returning a payment that was issued

Spending Requirements for the PPP Loan

If you received funds from the Payroll Protection Program, the amount your loan may be forgiven is based on many factors: You and your employees must cease collecting unemployment insurance. If possible, it is recommended that the funds be

Unemployment Benefits Are Taxable

Much has been publicized about the federal government increasing state unemployment payments by an extra $600 per week. It is important to know that all unemployment benefits received are taxable income.  This means that unemployment payments will be included

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