Johnson CPA is a professional service firm with a “get down to business attitude” and the concern of a “family,” protective of our clients in the best sense of the word. This almost ironic combination has made Johnson CPA a sought-after professional firm, in contrast to the mundane reputation shared by many other accounting and business advisory firms.

Founded and led by Sandra G. Johnson, CPA, EA, CFE, the mantra of the firm is simple: It all boils down to the people sitting across our desks. Who are they? What are their life circumstances? How can we do the best for them financially, personally, or for their businesses? We have the answer to those concerns.

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    What our clients say about us…

    “Johnson CPA helped me with my problem—and that changed my life—because I don’t have to worry anymore.”

    Anthony D.

    “The Johnson team is very friendly. They negotiated on my behalf, to lower my monthly payment.”

    A. A.

    “Great – I’ve become more organized!”

    Kyle M.
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    Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits

    Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits How to qualify for Social Security benefits:  Need 40 credits to qualify for SS benefits  1 credit = $1,510 in earnings per quarter (2022)  Example – To earn 4 credits in 2022,

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    Sources of Non-taxable Income

    Sources of Non-taxable Income Although the IRS does want a share of most income, here are a few sources of income that are not taxed.   Alimony - Alimony received from a divorce that occurred after December 31, 2018 is