You may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in New York State due to COVID-19 exposure while working.  Individuals who work in an environment where exposure risks are significantly higher are more likely to have compensable claims.  Some examples of these working environments may be health care workers, first responders, transportation workers, corrections officers and food service workers, and others.

In order to place a claim, you must provide details about where you work, how often you work and the type of job duties you perform, especially those involving contact with the public.  You must have a medical report from an authorized workers’ compensation medical provider, stating that your work caused your illness.

The benefits available are:

  • Payment of an injured workers’ medical treatment for a work-related illness or injury.
  • Wage replacement benefits if your illness prevents you from working
  • Benefits to an employee’s surviving dependents in the event of death
  • Reimbursement of funeral expenses between $10,500 and $12,500 depending on the county you live in.

For more information contact the NYS Workers Compensation Board at www.WCB.NY.GOV

Chris Murphy, EA